Places I’ve Been: 2008

Date Place Things Seen
January 8-18 London Greenwich Observatory, Natural History Museum, various pubs
February 28 Seattle, WA Dropkick Murphys
March 1-8 London a hotel near Heathrow, a champagne bar in Richmond
March 13 Portland, OR Flogging Molly
March 14-15 Las Vegas Flogging Molly (x2)
March 16-17 Phoenix, AZ Flogging Molly (x2)
April 3-7 London Twickenham Pubs, the Twickenham rowing team, snow
April 7-11 Lisbon this stuff, dead fish with eyes, lots of powerpoint
April 11-17 London Big Office Buildings in Newbury, Westminster Abbey, Paddington Station
April 26 Redmond High School OZ!
May 17 - June 5 London, near Russell Square the British Museum, Flogging Molly @ the Astoria, Camden Town Market
June 4 Birmingham Flogging Molly, Spencer’s house