That was a pretty good word to describe the state of my bedroom this morning, as I cleaned up yesterday by putting a lot of junk in my room that did actually belong here, but had not been put in its place. Tonight my bedroom is a lot better, although it still has a ways to go. But it sure does look a lot better.

If I spent another hour on it, it would be pretty fantastic looking, but that’s not going to happen, especially tonight, as it is late and I have a 6am conference call tomorrow morning.


Weekend #2

This is weekend #2 of 3 before I need to leave again. The time does go by fast! I am finally recovered from the jet lag, and soon enough I’ll be jet-lagged in another time zone.

Since I didn’t manage to go see the child’s play this weekend, I am definitely going today, and already today I have washed all the dishes from the previous week of ignoring them, so that’s a step in the right direction as well. Nothing like knowing that the parents are arriving shortly to motivate those kinds of things to happen.

I kind of wish I could take a week off and organize the garage and the closets and all that, but I do hate the thought of taking a whole week off to do that kind of thing, and then there’s all the things that wouldn’t get done at work, too.

Other things I need to be sure to do this weekend:
– order suitcase and travel iron
– pay bills that may be lagging due to being gone

I kind of want to go out tonight, if work people are going out, but I think I had really better stay home and do work and laundry and other assorted things that desperately need to get done. :(



I believe my motivation is running kind of low today.  This weekend, in general, really.  Yesterday I drove the children around a lot (6 round trips total!) and spent most of the rest of the day lying around idly surfing the internet, but without accomplishing much of anything.  Unless you count watching the remaining four episodes of “Rock of Love II” to be an accomplishment, which I kind of do.  Now I just hope that there’s a reunion show.

Today, so far, I have managed to go to Target to obtain much-needed decongestants and less-needed things like a DVD and overpriced shampoo.  Then, I opened a text file to write down what I was going to do today, and when I found it fifteen minutes later, it looked like this:

“Things to Do”

So apparently I am not feeling like doing much of anything at all.  Maybe if I re-titled my list “Things I Should Do But Won’t” I would be able to have more items on my list.