Weekend #2

This is weekend #2 of 3 before I need to leave again. The time does go by fast! I am finally recovered from the jet lag, and soon enough I’ll be jet-lagged in another time zone.

Since I didn’t manage to go see the child’s play this weekend, I am definitely going today, and already today I have washed all the dishes from the previous week of ignoring them, so that’s a step in the right direction as well. Nothing like knowing that the parents are arriving shortly to motivate those kinds of things to happen.

I kind of wish I could take a week off and organize the garage and the closets and all that, but I do hate the thought of taking a whole week off to do that kind of thing, and then there’s all the things that wouldn’t get done at work, too.

Other things I need to be sure to do this weekend:
– order suitcase and travel iron
– pay bills that may be lagging due to being gone

I kind of want to go out tonight, if work people are going out, but I think I had really better stay home and do work and laundry and other assorted things that desperately need to get done. :(

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